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Everybody knows me as Tess over Internet. I live in Riga, Latvia.

I have been fond of animals since my childhood and at a certain point I understood that cats have a special place in my heart Ц more than anything else.

I have been doing photography for more than five years, and started taking photos of cats four years ago. Due to my sociable nature and continuous search for new friends, I spend a lot of time at different cat shows, getting acquainted with breeders and other animal lovers. And it so happened that my enthusiasm for photography became linked to my passion for cats -- rather successfully, to my mind. At first I took my cat photos at home, and then, later, in the studio.

Today, I can do my photography work either at home, or in the studio -- always using professional equipment. I also work at cat shows in the Baltic countries and go out on location to Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Scandinavian catteries on request.

I also enjoy taking photos of children Ц mostly babies and toddlers, though IТm also happy to work with older ones. Kids are easy to work with. They are very natural, and if a child enjoys being photographed, he is a real treasure for the photographer.

I also take photos of dogs Ц in the studio, artistic portraits, and open air and agility location shooting.

I always use professional equipment, can offer a wide choice of colored backgrounds, and give advice on the most suitable colour for a particular animal.

I would also like to thank the people who have always supported me, and to give special thanks to Jeanna, Irina, Alena and Marina who allowed me to use their petsТ photos for my website .

*the latest gallery update - 10.04.2010.

© Tess 2007